More Records Set at Days Extravaganza

The annual Days Whiteface sale combined with Allendale has become a highlight in itself just through the numbers on offer; this year being no different with 445 head from four breeds put through the sale ring in a five hour extravaganza.

However it is the quality that goes with this sale that sets it up as one of national significance and a regular event for new records.

Drafts of stud ewes, stud rams and flock rams were offered from the longer established Days White Suffolks and Allendale Suffolks and Poll Dorsets, but over the last few years a line of Maternal Composite rams from Days Whiteface has added another dimension to the sale. In this sale it was these composites, offered last, that almost stole the limelight from the earlier drafts.

Ross Milne (Elders), Jono Spence (Spence Dix & Co) and Gordon Wood (Landmark) worked tirelessly with almost ‘speed auctioneering’ to get all the lots through the ring in that time frame, selling to a constantly changing gallery from the 128 registered breeders from three states, depending on breed and description. It is an even bigger job for the staff out the back bringing this number of sheep in and out of the ring and organising deliveries.

At the sale’s end, 427 head had found new homes in a 96% clearance and at a $1776 average. This average was up 21%, culminating in a $758,200 gross, also up 26% on last year’s cracking sale gross. Most certainly the meat sheep industry is on a real high at present with a very strong projected
outlook and confident buyers.

There were two exceptional highlight drafts in particular from Days Whiteface; these being the White Suffolk stud ram draft; and the Maternal Composites that finished the sale.

The first highlight draft from the 10 run through the ring was the White Suffolk stud ram offering of 17 stud rams. Arguably undervalued for many years, this year the Days Whiteface offering was recognised for the outstanding quality on offer. Days 150195, the Adelaide Reserve Senior Champion ram was offered first and met very strong competition. Peter and Julie Button, Ramsay Park stud, Minlaton were prepared to chase him further than anyone else, but were pushed to a new Days record price for one of their White Suffolks and the overall sale top of $22,000. His exceptional phenotype was backed by outstanding performance levels culminating in a 204.7 Carcase Plus Index.

The underbidder Gordon Branson, Banquet White Suffolks, Mortlake compensated when he purchased Days 150318 for $12,000; a ram that also boasted an exceptional show record and marginally higher performance levels (C+ of 205.6).

Geoff and Tania Stock, ‘Jandebrey’ stud, Sandilands then chimed in to pick up Days 150148, also for $12,000. Old Ashrose Props, Hallett paid $8000 and $4500 for two top rams and Leigh Richards, Tongara stud, Coonalpyn also paid $8000 for his ram of choice. That figure was also matched by David McCallum, Gumview stud, Melrose and Ken Williams, Orange, NSW buying for his son Neil’s Ashburnia White Suffolk stud. The draft of 17 White Suffolk stud rams averaged $7029.

TW & EN Mckereth through PPH & S Naracoorte were also the volume Days White Suffolk ewe purchasers with 13 from $400 to $700. Buying through Spence Dix & Co’s Luke Schreiber, R & CS Rudiger were the buyers of the four $900 top priced White Suffolk ewes. Their five purchases averaged $840, while the 25 ewes that sold on the day averaged $624.

The large Days White Suffolk draft of 142 flock rams met excellent competition with all but one clearing to a $2000 top and averaging a very respectable $1228.

Spence Dix & Co client, Moonee Hills Pty Ltd was the most prominent volume buyer with 13 rams, paying from $800 to $1500 while another client, Saltbush Ag was not far behind with 11 rams, all at $800 in great value buying.

Through Landmark Bordertown, Brooklea Trading purchased nine from $1000 to $1400, but it was Landmark Warrnambool client, Glynbrae Pastoral Co who pushed levels to the section’s highest prices. They purchased five top rams to the $2000 top and averaged $1660. D & C Brown, through PPH & S with five to $1700 and at a $1460 average took their choice selections, purchased six Days
White Suffolks at a $1683 average, adding to the 5 Suffolks purchased earlier, to be one of the stronger flock ram bidders on the day.

Thirty eight client accounts bid successfully on this White Suffolk flock ram draft.

At the end of the sale was the highlight line of 42 Maternal Composite rams offered by Days Whiteface. Struggling to get market reach in the first couple of years, this year they went like hot cakes. Last year 23 sold to $1200 and averaged $917, but as private sales extended their use, most of those who have used them were back seeking more. Seven bidders competed very actively with two stronger than the rest; that competition ensuring a complete clearance to $3000 and at an exceptionally strong $1624 average.

Farm Manager for the Baker Group, Geoff Agnew was the most prominent. Buying through Elders Naracoorte’s Tom Dennis he purchased 23 to the $3000 top and at a $1917 average. In doing so they won the product from sale sponsors Coopers Animal Health for being the buyers of most rams
throughout the entire sale.

PPH & S Naracoorte agent Richard Harvey purchased 11 from $800 to $2000 for client TW & EN McKereth and in doing so pushed the Baker Group all the way. The McKereths were the buyers of most sheep on the day, also purchasing 20 stud ewes including 13 White Suffolks.

Sale Summary:

White Suffolks (Days Whiteface)

25 of 32 stud ewes sold to $900 and averaged $624
17 of 17 stud rams sold to $22,000 and averaged $7029
141 of 142 flock rams sold to $2000 and averaged $1228

Maternal Composites (Days Whiteface)

42 of 42 rams sold to $3000 and averaged $1624

Overall Sale

427 of 445 head sold to $22,000 and averaged $1776

Agents: Elders, Spence Dix & Co, Landmark
Auctioneers: Ross Milne (Elders), Jono Spence (Spence Dix & Co) & Gordon Wood (Landmark)

Days Whiteface 2016 Ram Sale

Pictured with the equal 2nd top and top priced White Suffolk rams from the Days Whiteface stud are Gordon Branson, Banquet, Mortlake, Vic, purchaser of the $12000 ram, Graham & Evie Day, Bordertown, and Peter & Julie Button, Ramsay Park stud, Minlaton, purchasers of the $22,000 top priced ram.

Days Whiteface 2016 Ram Sale

Days Whiteface principal Lachy Day (right) discusses the Maternal Composite rams with Geoff Agnew, farm manager for the Baker Group, Furner. They purchased 23 of this line to the top price of $3000 for the group’s sheep breeding enterprise.

Days Whiteface 2016 Ram Sale

This offering of 42 impressive Days Whiteface Maternal Composite rams was highly sought after and averaged $1624 in a very strong combined Allendale-Days sheep sale last Friday.